Matteo Giuzzi

A journey
through what I can do

"Nothing's better than doing something without ostentation."

What can I do?


UX Development

Here to fix the gap between design
and technology. Creative and solid User Experience
for the pleasure and comprehension of your users.

UI Design

Your app needs to be beautiful.
No matter what it does.

Web Design and Dev

Minimal, complex and responsive websites.
The important thing is to provide the best user experience.


Professional shoots,
still life and naturalistic in particular.

The only, true, aim of creativity
is to bring the best ideas to life.

Some of my lastworks

My works

Web Sites

Do you need to redesign your website and you don't really know where to begin? Do you just want to add a fresh style to your old one? I offer many short-time solutions (just in case you are in a hurry!) or professional and efficient html5+css3 websites.

Social Management

Sooner or later, you'll need to invest on social networks to become more user-friendly, and, most of all, to attract more people to your business (whatever it is). If you don't have time or skills to create and manage your Facebook, Twitter, any other social network page, then i may be your man because that's exactly what do best. To make people like you.


Not just a passion. You won't find me on Instagram or any fashionable photography "social club". I have skills for professional still-life and naturalistic shoots. My dream has always been to be a National Geographic photographer, and i'm still totally opened to it (offer is valid for all life long).

Application Design and Development

This is officially what I was born for and the main thing I want to do in my life. Developing, designing, creating and giving power to the best ideas you can have. You really never now what's 'the next big thing'.

Other works?

Who I am

I was born and grew up in Milan, Italy where I developed my love for art and design. This passion inspired me to enrol in a Bachelor of Arts (Graphic Design and Art Direction) at the NABA Academy in Milan, where in October 2013 I graduated with excellent results. I've lived in London for 3 years, where I started putting the base for my career as UX and UI designer, contributing to dozens of mobile apps and websites.
Recently moved to Barcelona to work closer to the DogBuddy product team. I strongly believe in looking forward to the future and that combining creativity with technology is the key to creating beautiful, meaningful design.

Say Hello

If you have any questions or projects
to introduce, please do not hesitate
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